Sergio Sosa


About Me

I am a professional qualified Sound Producer (HND), Academic Excellence Award winner in Sound Production 2017-2018 by Edinburgh College, and passionate about sound/music for games, film, and television.

Although I may not have much professional experience, I am open to any opportunity that will make me grow professionally within the sound design industry.

I would say that my specialties are bringing sci-fi and fantasy worlds to life with foley, sound design, music, and any resource to make your ears believe what your eyes see, creating a sense of reality within a scene.

In this website, I will showcase my strengths within Sound Production to demonstrate why I would be considered for a job in the sound industry.

My Work

GhostWire: Tokyo – Gameplay Reveal Trailer | Sound Design & Music

Cyber Punk 2077 - HND 2 Sound Production final project

Stray - Teaser Trailer | Sound Design & Music

Spitfire | Westworld Competition | HBO

Resident Evil Village | PS1 Demake

Eren Jaeger Vs Vegeta [Animation] Sound Effects

REPLACED - Official Reveal Trailer | E3 2021

Loop animations with music/SFX


UMC202HD interface - fantastic in my opinion, there are two outputs for left and right on the back, and the headphone jack on the front with independent volume control can be used to monitor inputs or the outputs. It has two inputs that can be used both as XLR and as ¼ jack inputs, which made the recording task very easy. There is also a +48V Phantom Power.

The monitors(60-watt Class D) are very well made and finished, they were my first choice at the time of buying them as they sound very similar to professional studio monitors, the bass response is right up there, powerful and bouncy. They also deliver plenty of midrange, very professional, and crystal clear sound.  

The DT 990 Pro headphones(impedance 250 ohms) are very comfortable to use, the wide stereo image is great and the tonal depth ensures that even small changes in the positioning of the sound source can be perceived while mixing.


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